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Our Story


Exceptional taste and Colorado CBD

'Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.' Ruth Reichl. The vision was for a non-alcoholic CBD drink that tasted fresh, balanced, bright and individual. Something that can be savored all evening. As a result, Tweedle includes simple ingredients that deliver a superior taste and flavor. It also contains broad spectrum CBD, sourced locally in Colorado. Minimal plant processing, quality ingredients and elevated taste are the highest importance.


We deliver positive vibes and happiness

Tweedle Botanicals non alcoholic beverage was inspired by the spirit of Colorado. Beautiful clear skies, fresh mountain air, and outdoor living. The essence of which we have tried to capture, both in the drink, and in the brand philosophy. Our aim, to build connection to nature, the outdoors and each other. To raise energy for new activities and experiences. To create positive change by offering a different way to relax and unwind.

Our Team

Jessica and Catherine are two kindred spirits from distant lands, who met in Colorado. Those healthy living vibes of the sunny state began to seep into their souls. Soon the energy for a morning hike, became as important as weekend socializing with friends.

The girls began to search for a CBD drink they couldn't find. A non alcoholic spirit with the benefits of CBD. So, the recipe creation began, and Tweedle Botanicals was born.